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Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Flights Hampshire

Hot Air Balloon Rides and Balloon Flights over Hampshire

Hampshire is one of the UK's larger counties and the experience on balloon flights will vary depending on whether you are close to the coast or further inland.

Ballooning in Hampshire provides mixed views of towns dotted along the M3 motorway such as Fleet and Hook and rural villages with history going back to medieval times. View Norman churches and ancient woodlands, once the hunting ground of kings from your wicker balloon basket. Large estates proliferate such as Moundsmere and Elvetham, in times gone by just a convenient days ride by horse drawn carriage from London!

For balloon flights from Alton and across the surrounding area, contact Virgin Balloon Flights. They provide regular balloon ride schedules in the area throughout the ballooning season.

Other Hampshire balloon operators providing passenger flights include Adventure Balloons.

These balloon take off sites are convenient for would be balloonists coming from the south coast towns of Portsmouth, Southampton and Fareham. This part of South Hampshire covers the rolling Hampshire countryside of farmland interspersed with small villages and manorial houses. Depending on the visibility on the day the balloon flight can provide views of the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower, the Solent and the Fawley Oil Refinery. They are easily accessed from the M27 and M3 Motorways.

Here are some things to do in Hampshire, UK:

  1. Visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: This famous dockyard offers a chance to explore naval history and see the ships and boats that have been built there, including HMS Victory and the Mary Rose.

  2. Explore Winchester: This historic city offers a variety of museums, shops, and restaurants to explore, as well as the impressive Winchester Cathedral.

  3. Visit the New Forest: This beautiful area of heathland and forest offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and wildlife watching.

  4. Take a trip on the Isle of Wight: This island offers a variety of attractions, including sandy beaches, historic sites, and outdoor activities.

  5. Visit the Portsmouth Naval Base Property: It is home to one of the most important naval bases in the UK, and offers a chance to see the ships and boats that are currently in service.

  6. Visit the Beaulieu National Motor Museum: This museum offers a chance to see a wide variety of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, as well as to learn about the history of motoring.

  7. Visit the Southampton Maritime Museum: This museum offers a glimpse into the history of Southampton and its role as a major port.

  8. Visit the Portsmouth Cathedral: This impressive cathedral offers a chance to see the history and architecture of the building and to explore the grounds and the surrounding area.

  9. Visit the Spinnaker Tower: This tower offers great views of Portsmouth and the surrounding area, as well as a chance to learn about the history of the city.

  10. Visit the Royal Navy Submarine Museum: It offers a chance to see the submarines and learn about the history of submarining and the role of submarines in naval warfare.