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Balloon Ride

Flying Experience Gifts From WonderDays

From hot air balloon rides to helicopter flights and UK paramotor training to simulators, WonderDays has flying experience gifts for every aviation fan.

Go up, up and away and enjoy the thrill of seeing the world at your feet, whether its soaring below the clouds at speed with a helicopter flight gift or drifting majestically and serenely above or below the clouds on a hot air balloon flight experience.

UK Hot Air Balloon Rides Nationwide

Flight experience days don't come much more memorable than a spectacular hot air balloon ride.

The earliest form of aviation and with an enduring magic that appeals to children and adults of all ages, reaching for the skies on a balloon flight in the UK is an experience day not to be missed.

WonderDays sells national balloon flight vouchers, meaning wherever I might live in the UK, there's a balloon ride near me just waiting to be enjoyed.

If lighter than air flight isn't quite your thing, however, WonderDays also has a wide range of other flying experience gifts to take any special occasion to new heights.

Its flying lesson voucher for a small plane gives you two 30-minute lessons at the controls, while flight simulator experiences offer almost the same feeling for those who would prefer to keep their feet on the ground

A red Virgin branded hot air balloon in the air, against a light blue sky.
Hot air balloon ride experiences are truly unforgettable

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride

Completely different to a balloon flight, a helicopter experience is a thrilling and exciting way to experience the UK's stunning different landscapes from the air.

WonderDays has a variety of helicopter gift experience days for almost any budget.

If they love the 'beautiful game', there's even a football stadium helicopter tour on offer, with up to 18 different venues to be viewed from on high.

An image of a helicopter flying over St Ives in the UK.
A breath-taking helicopter ride over the UK

A virtual flight simulator experience, whether you're at the controls of a 747 Jumbo jet or a more manoeuvrable immersive helicopter flight simulation, is a great choice for those who can't quite bring themselves to actually hit the heights of a real flight.

In the same manner, indoor skydiving experiences are another great option for those not quite brave enough to leap out of an actual plane.

The Only Paramotor UK Training Experiences

WonderDays has an exclusive partnership with the UK's only provider commercially insured for you to learn to fly a paramotor.

For those who don't know what a paramotor flight involves, it is a powered paragliding experience, where instead of going where the different wind currents and thermals take you, you are moved through the air by a large motorised propeller engine.

Paramotor training is a thrilling and unforgettable flying lesson gift, offering a unique experience day idea for those who love an adrenaline rush.

Coming soon, keep an eye on the WonderDays website for this exclusive new flying experience.

Not Just Flying Experiences

Far more than just flight gifts, WonderDays has hundreds of different experience days from dining to driving days and short breaks to relaxing spa weekends.

Afternoon tea vouchers are a popular choice for many, while water sports, creative days out and family experiences are also top of many people's lists of things to do.

For more information and to find the full range of all experience day gifts, visit the WonderDays website.

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